All tapestry pieces are designed by Zulu. Those designs are then drawn directly onto an open weave base fabric and handstitched.


Papier-mache can be fun to work with and much more durable than you would think. These are all made from newspaper, brown paper, or egg cartons. Some are made using traditional flour and water, while others are made with a light PVA mix. They are durable and can be wiped down with a damp cloth, but must not be submerged in water nor hold fluids. They are perfect as a hallway table bowl, or to hold nuts or other dried flowers, rose petals, etc.
These pieces are all one-off designs. Some are sold and some are a once or only.  New pieces are being added every few months. If you like any of these send me an email detailing what you are interested in and I will send you some of the latest photos and prices.
The sizes of the bowls are all around 16 to 20 cms diameter and approx 9 to 12 cms tall. The vases are approx 12 cms diameter x 20 cms tall. Other size information is available upon request.